Waluuta token will be listed on P2B Exchange on 25th of May

By Jagatjit Sarkar | Date: 25/05/2323

Listing of Waluuta token coming soon on the P2B exchange. It will start on 25 May. You will have the opportunity to buy a WAL token with BTC, ETH, USDT, USD, EUR. 

What is Waluuta?

Waluuta is disrupting the travel industry's foreign exchange services with its revolutionary blockchain-based platform, which enables fee-free transactions. By utilizing Waluuta's decentralized platform, users can effortlessly pay for goods and services without incurring high transaction fees charged by service providers and exchange intermediaries. Furthermore, Waluuta's crypto card eliminates the unpredictability and exploitation often associated with foreign exchange operators.

The Waluuta platform boasts a comprehensive suite of integrative features and inclusive accessibility to other cryptocurrency services, making it the perfect choice for travelers and tourists. With the Waluuta coin, travelers can conveniently book hotels, dine at restaurants, hire taxis, and pay for tours, among other things.

Token WAL

The main focus of the Waluuta coin is its utility as a versatile and sustainable currency that empowers individuals, travelers, and tourists to effectively utilize their financial resources without being subjected to inflation or the manipulative tactics of Bureau de Change operators.

With its cryptocurrency payment feature, users can conveniently pay for goods and services without having to convert their cryptocurrency into fiat currency, thereby avoiding costly conversion fees and ensuring fast and secure transactions. The Waluuta ecosystem, including the Waluuta wallet, is designed to prioritize accessibility.

Furthermore, the Waluuta coin provides a crypto card service that is seamlessly integrated into the system, enabling coin holders to withdraw cash from any Mastercard-accepted ATM or make online purchases without incurring any charges. This feature offers a reliable and secure method for travelers to manage their finances and make payments, without the limitations and fees associated with conventional financial institutions and Bureau de Change operators.


The main goal and mission of the project

The travel industry is a significant sector that demands daily growth. It is common for people to spend a considerable amount of money when traveling due to the markets within the industry. Since currencies vary across different countries, travelers must convert their local currency to foreign currency to access services in different markets. Waluuta has introduced the WAL coin, which enables users to access travel services sustainably and earn passive income.

Waluuta's primary objective is to enhance foreign exchange services in the travel industry by facilitating fee-free transactions. The platform plans to offer a credit line shortly, which will allow users to borrow interest-backed coin loans based on their transaction history. The credit and interest will be payable within 30 days.


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