Success stories helping more people run foreign trade enterprises

By Pratik Patil | Date: 03/11/2323

Fujian, China -- In China, a group of exceptional foreign traders not only manage thriving cross - border e - commerce enterprises but also facilitate growth for other businesses by sharing their successful entrepreneurial experiences. hosts an annual platform for those willing to share, showcasing their perspectives. And in July 2023, a digital foreign trade competition with the theme of "Super Supplier" was launched in Fujian, China. Nearly 100 merchants were attracted to register and participate in the competition. Through the preliminary rounds and area finals, eight of them stood out and advanced to the final game and the selection of the Digital Foreign Trade "Real Bull Award". During the sharing process, the participants focused on ways to achieve digitalization and intelligence to enhance business efficiency. As a result, cross - border trade entrepreneurs gained a clearer understanding of how to improve their operations through shared experiences.

They are: sports apparel industry, Fuzhou Saipulang Trading Co., Ltd. General Manager Lai Jinduo, a young man born in 1996, has a professional race training apparel/soccer apparel factory, he is good at analyzing the European and American customer's demand trend characteristics from branding, design, quality, and continue to cultivate themselves, to create a competitive supply chain, to provide buyers with quality services; and also in the apparel industry, Fuzhou Geian Garment co., ltd

General Manager Ruan Minhmei, She transitioned from C - suite trading on the domestic platform to cross - border e - commerce B2B platform. Besides, she has build an extremely efficient business team to create a high - speed growth in the performance of the company;

Yunhua Preferred (Xiamen) Import And Export Trading Co., Ltd. She initially worked in the tourism industry and later ventured into cross - border e - commerce. She utilized and established connections with numerous overseas buyers to facilitate international trade. Her experience on how to establish a cross - border trade from practical and replicable training.  Building materials and real estate industry's Xiamen Shihui Stone Co., Lt. General Manager Liu Rong expanded the company's range of stone products and services after several years of collaborating with buyers on The expansion led to a more comprehensive one - stop - shop service for buyers.

Yang Hongliang, COO of Shantou Obiquan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in the beauty industry. He serves companies ranging in size from domestic to international business, and in cross - border trade, he brings new growth to businesses. Zhou Huidan, the General Manager of Huinuo Trade Co., Ltd. in Jinjiang City's shoe material industry, she is a young entrepreneur who kickstarted her online venture with She has quickly achieved industry - leading position. Meanwhile, she has accumulated more than 1,200 quality buyers. Also, she brings buyers a high sense of trust through sight, hearing and feeling.

Xiamen Ydstone Co., Ltd specializes in the stone industry for 20 years, the general manager Chi Dazheng took the Qatar World Cup order on the in 2020 and made a deal of ten million USD. After gaining the trust of customers, he demonstrated quality delivery ability and continuously expanded the market share. China Fuan is the industrial scale production base of massage chairs. Mr. Ye Wenhui is the general manager of Fuan Guoheng Industrial And Trading Co., Ltd. he is not only achieved a great success in the massage chair industry, but also, he extended the company's sales chain from sales to after - sales service, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. He wants become the "catfish" of the massage chair industry in Minshan area to stirring up the industry! Also, he wants to run and grow with his opponents in the foreseeable future. 

These Chinese e - commerce entrepreneurs have provided high - quality products and services to buyers worldwide on They shared their entrepreneurial experiences on the sharing stage and forged partnerships with foreign traders, expanding Chinese products globally, and realizing the potential of "smaller world, bigger business."


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