Music Entrepreneur Choyce Schwartz: Aims to expand with his multifaceted company, The Rare Group and shares insight on helping creatives

By Pratik Patil | Date: 13/02/2424

When it comes to music industry millennials who will drive new ideas and create innovations in music, amongst those young innovators is Choyce Schwartz. Today, he works in executing global campaigns for artists and artist development consultancy. In plans to expand into a new direction, Choyce founded The Rare Group with aims to become a powerhouse for creatives.

The Rare Group is a creative management consulting firm built to provide a wide range of services to support creatives in entertainment and media. One of those artists represented is singer Suzi. With years of working and building a relationship with Suzi, Choyce is working to elevate her career to even greater heights in the mainstream market. Choyce says, “we are making a new blueprint in how we work with uniquely gifted talent. I'm excited for my new signee Lau Fer who’s a new Latin artist and many of our top acts I’ve had the pleasure of working with in previous projects.”

For a number of years, outside of composing, he has had a hand in the success of some of music’s popular artists, songwriters, and producers. Not limited to creatives, Choyce has guided individuals in the business professions of music. At 29 years old, he is considered a mentor for many reasons, but his biggest passion as a creative is helping creatives connect and cultivate their purposes.

Regarding his biggest takeaways from being in the music industry and finding success, he explained that “the business requires you to be a student forever because it changes every day.” He added that there is always room to grow and opportunity is only available to those who are present.

As a highly decorated musician, with many accomplishments under his belt, we wanted to know how he made his transition from a composer to an entrepreneur. Choyce said, “Back in college, all of my friends told me that I was talented but that I should be an A&R or pursue some sort of business role in the  industry. And so I did once I found that interest and passion for helping others grow in other ways than being in a studio.”

While creating music for some of our most favorite artists is a milestone, Choyce wasn’t content with where it had placed him. Instead he opted to be an A&R, focusing on artist development and music management. His expertise led him to become a professional audience development director and music marketing specialist. Applying his knowledge of how to break artists, he describes the process as a “fun experimental” way to study, yet create through discovering an artist’s audience simply using sound and presentation.

Sources from the Muso.AI reported Choyce is ranked in the top 5% songwriters. We learned what helped him grow the most as a songwriter is studying penmanship through listening to all types of music, collaborating with others, and learning from each person he’s experienced.

Choyce told us that what he thinks is next for marketing music in the future is “more support from AI software, advancement of technology that will continue to reshape how creatives in the marketing field can approach improving audience growth and engagement.” Choyce believes that even with the advancement of technology in entertainment and media changing, it won’t stop creatives from driving new ideas.

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