Liam Tuohy Owner Of 2Tuff Health And Fitness Changes People’s Lives With Simple 4-Step System Specifically Designed For People With ADHD

By Mehboob Meghani | Date: 17/05/2323

Liam Tuohy, owner and director of 2Tuff Health and Fitness, has created a program to help those with ADHD get into the shape of their life, both mentally and physically. For years, Tuohy suffered from undiagnosed ADHD, but now he is using his own personal experience to help others in the same position.

Liam offers high-level, private and professional personal training sessions both in-person and online for those who suffer from ADHD. His program is designed to not only motivate people in their physical health journey,  but also provide them support as they make positive changes in their lives. He hopes that by helping people reach their goals, he can make a real difference for those struggling with ADHD.

“I have so much drive now to make something of myself, something that I never had before and honestly feel like I was born to serve those people struggling with ADHD," said Liam. "It would be a disservice to the people if I didn't share my message, story and expertise so I can help as many people as possible."

To serve his clients who have been diagnosed with ADHD, Liam has developed a simple easy-to-follow 4 step system called The Feel Good Accelerator. Liam maintains that, “ADHD doesn’t mean you’re broken it just means I do things in my own creative way!” He designed it specifically to accommodate their needs and empowers them to become the person they’ve always envisioned themselves to be.

To learn more about Liam’s fitness coaching and  book a 15 minute strategy call with him, click

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Company Name: 2Tuff Health And Fitness
Contact Person: Liam Tuohy
Country: United Kingdom

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