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By Pratik Patil | Date: 11/09/2323

Joint pain is a common problem that gets worse with age. What causes joint pain? Let’s find that out!

Joint pain occurs in various body parts such as knees, hips, hands, shoulders, spine, and feet. Temporary pain can be fixed using Pain Relief Creams. The problem arises when the pain is a constant one. It suggests a more serious health problem.

The joint pain symptoms vary from person to person. Some feel stiff and achy pain while others complain of throbbing or burning. Regardless of the symptoms, any kind of joint pain causes discomfort. It reduces a person’s productivity, affecting the quality of life.

So what causes joint pain? There can be various reasons for joint pain. Some of the common causes include:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

It refers to a chronic condition. It causes joint pain and swelling. In worst cases, it causes the joints to deform. It commonly happens in the wrists and fingers.

  • Osteoarthritis

This condition occurs when the protective cushion between the bones gets damaged. It causes extreme pain and stiffness. It is more common in middle-aged and elderly people.

  • Bursitis

It is usually found in the shoulder, hip, elbow, or knee joints. The primary cause is overuse.

  • Gout

This is another painful condition that causes body crystals to accumulate in the joints. A person suffering from gout will feel extreme swelling and pain. Gout usually affects the big toe.

  • Tendinitis

It is a kind of inflammation that affects the flexible bands connecting the muscles and bones. It is more common in heel, shoulder, or elbow joints.

  • Injuries

Any injuries that cause sprains or broken bones can be the reason for joint pain. However, this is usually a temporary pain.

How To Treat Joint Pain?

There’s no definite treatment for joint pain. However, certain drugs and remedies can provide some relief.

  • Topical Treatment

Applying gels or ointments on the affected area can temporarily reduce the pain. Some of these ointments are recommended by doctors themselves.

  • Drugs and Medicines

Drugs such as Tylenol or ibuprofen can help reduce pain. These are strong medications that can be bought only when a doctor prescribes them. Those with liver diseases, kidney issues, or stomach ulcers should consult a physician before taking the drugs.

  • Exercise

Doctors recommend people suffering from joint pain to exercise daily. Low-impact exercises such as aerobics are the best option.

No one likes to live with joint pain. With the help of drugs and other treatments, the pain can be reduced. In case of extreme pain, the person should consult a doctor.

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