Insurance agency Ryan Landsman Insurance is helping raise awareness about how people can safeguard their wealth with accumulated Fixed Indexed Annuity

By Mehboob Meghani | Date: 17/05/2323

The agency owner wants to help people who are at risk of losing the positions of their 401k and retirement accounts due to the economic volatility.

With global economic volatility wreaking havoc on investments worldwide, people are searching for new avenues to safeguard their wealth. This is where Ryan Landsman Insurance is trying to make a difference. The dedicated insurance agency, based in Reisterstown, MD, offers a comprehensive range of Accumulated Fixed Indexed Annuities designed to provide financial security for families in terms of their savings, while also offering greater liquidity to help meet emergency short-term expenses if the need arises. The agency is also at the forefront of raising awareness about the product and its power for people trying to preserve their wealth during retirement or currently in retirement.

Contrary to the inadequate information out there because of which majority of people only believe they receive a guaranteed payment annually for their life annuities, Ryan is helping educate them that if they keep their money in the annuity account for a certain period of years, they can withdraw as much as 10% each year without surrender fees, or they can keep it in the annuity where it can grow tax-deferred. There are also less fees with just a one-time annual charge, and no advisory or any other hidden fees that some other annuity products may have.

Ryan, who has successfully sold over $100,000,000 in total mortgage loan volume, understood the promise of fixed annuities back in the crash of 2008 while working at MetLife and decided to transition into the insurance industry after obtaining his Health and Life Insurance license in multiple states. He now wants to achieve the same level of success in the insurance industry with Fixed Indexed Annuities and help the maximum number of people protect their wealth.

Speaking to the media, the passionate Ryan said, "At the beginning of 2009, when the recession was at its worst, the Dow Jones dropped below 8000, and it was a very bleak time with people losing significant portions of their 401k and retirement accounts. Now, we are seeing a similar situation reemerge. Last year alone, retirees lost $3 trillion due to turbulence in the stock market. This could have been avoided with Annuity protection in place. It provides protection from downside market risk on money while still allowing them to participate in a fixed account or their money can be measured in different stock markets indexed, where their money can grow if the market goes up. If the market drops 10-20-30% in one year, the accumulated amount in the annuity will not go lower that year by less than a 0% floor, and that is the power of putting your money in an annuity. It is Money Protection Insurance, and everyone should have this as part of their retirement planning strategy, as we should never keep all our eggs in one basket."

He has big plans and wants to build a large team so they can help their clients protect their money from downturns in the market with money insurance. He is also connecting with attorneys who deal with estate planning and trusts and believes that by working with them, he can help a greater number of people.

His agency also offers mortgage protection insurance and comprehensive retirement planning services. People interested in money protection insurance through a Fixed Indexed Annuity can schedule a presentation of this product or request brochures and illustrations. They can also check out his social media handles given below:





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