Equithy Expert Reports that BDTX Gains Momentum with Positive Analyst Ratings and Growing Shareholder Confidence

By meghana_awhale | Date: 11/07/2323

London, UK -- Positive analyst ratings, price target upgrades, and consistent ownership by key shareholders indicate growing recognition and confidence in Black Diamond Therapeutics (BDTX), a company specializing in precision oncology and personalized treatments for cancer patients.


Black Diamond Therapeutics (BDTX) has recently received positive ratings and outlook upgrades from several investment banks in the United States. Stifel Nicolaus upgraded the stock from a hold rating to a buy rating, while HC Wainwright and Wedbush also upgraded their ratings to buy and outperform, respectively. These rating upgrades have sparked interest in the market and are indicative of the growing potential of Black Diamond Therapeutics.

Additionally, the average one-year price target for the company suggests a significant upside, further bolstering investor confidence. With analysts' ratings as well as insights into fund sentiment and shareholder activity, Daniel Mitchell, an analyst from Equithy, aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the recent Black Diamond Rally.

Analyst Ratings and Price Targets

The recent upgrades in analyst ratings for Black Diamond Therapeutics (BDTX) have caught the attention of investors. Stifel Nicolaus, HC Wainwright, and Wedbush have all revised their ratings to reflect a positive outlook for the company. Stifel Nicolaus upgraded BDTX from a hold rating to a buy rating, indicating confidence in the stock's future performance.

HC Wainwright also upgraded the stock to a buy rating, accompanied by an $11.00 price target. Wedbush and Stifel, on the other hand, upgraded BDTX to an outperform rating and set a $10.00 price target.

These upgrades suggest that industry experts believe Black Diamond Therapeutics has significant potential for growth. Investors often rely on these ratings and price targets as guidance when making investment decisions. The positive outlook from analysts instils confidence in the market and may attract more investors to consider Black Diamond Therapeutics as a viable investment option.

Fund Sentiment

Fund sentiment plays a crucial role in gauging market perceptions of a company's stock. According to data from Fintel, in the case of Black Diamond Therapeutics (BDTX), there are currently 78 funds or institutions reporting their positions. This reflects a decrease of 11 owners or 12.36% compared to the previous quarter, indicating some shifts in investor sentiment.

The average portfolio weight of all funds dedicated to BDTX is 0.02%, representing a decrease of 3.36% from the previous quarter. This reduction suggests a slight decrease in overall confidence among institutional investors.

However, it is important to consider that the total shares owned by institutions increased by 1.49% in the last three months, reaching 21,925K shares. This increase in ownership may indicate a growing interest in Black Diamond Therapeutics among institutional investors, despite the slight decrease in the number of reporting positions.

Furthermore, the put/call ratio of BDTX is 1.06, suggesting a bearish outlook among investors. This ratio compares the number of open put options (bearish bets) against open call options (bullish bets) and provides insights into market sentiment.

Other Shareholders and Changes in Ownership

Apart from institutional investors, several key shareholders hold substantial ownership of Black Diamond Therapeutics (BDTX). According to Fintel's report, Bellevue Group, for example, holds 5,396K shares, representing 14.78% ownership of the company. Although there was a marginal decrease of 0.09% in the firm's ownership in the prior quarter, it recently increased its portfolio allocation in BDTX by 14.70%.

With no changes over the past three months, NEA Management Company still owns 3,449K shares or 9.45% of the total. Similarly, Ra Capital Management holds 2,590K shares (7.09% ownership), and Boxer Capital holds 2,015K shares (5.52% ownership), both without any changes in ownership during the last quarter. Artal Group holds 1,647K shares, representing 4.51% ownership, with no change in the previous quarter.

These shareholder details demonstrate the significant stake held by key investors in Black Diamond Therapeutics. Their consistent ownership indicates confidence in the company's long-term prospects, reinforcing the positive sentiment surrounding BDTX in the market.


In conclusion, Black Diamond Therapeutics (BDTX) has recently experienced positive momentum in the market, as evidenced by the upgraded analyst ratings and price targets. The increased confidence from Stifel Nicolaus, HC Wainwright, and Wedbush, along with the projected upside potential, highlights the growing recognition of the company's potential.

Furthermore, while fund sentiment and ownership changes may indicate some fluctuations in investor perception, the consistent ownership by key shareholders and their increased allocations demonstrate sustained belief in Black Diamond Therapeutics' future prospects.

As the company continues to focus on innovative therapies and precision oncology, it will be interesting to observe its progress and the impact on its financial performance in the coming months. 

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