Don't Judge a book by it's Cover

By Kingnewswire | Date: 09/03/2323

Don't Judge a book by its Cover

When you think of Oakland California what do you think of? Now gentrification has turned the city around but let's go back in time. In the '80s and '90s things were much different. Drugs, Gangs, and Pimping were the environment. Afi was always different and wanted to see change. Growing up in the Sacramento suburbs in his early years and moving to Oakland California in middle school he saw the way things were and what they were supposed to be. He made a pact to himself that he wanted to impact the youth and help mold the next generation. He worked for years in education. Noticing that most young men wanted and needed father figures. He devoted his life to writing, art, and bringing people together threw media and networking.  In July 2020 he published his 1st fiction novel Conversation with the mind. A four-part series that was written to become a film. Surprisingly it would debut at #1 on Amazon with no promotion. After that, it would motivate him to produce.

Four more #1 sellers that same year. Looking up to Donald Goines, raw style and storytelling Afi has now written and published 40 books in less than 3 years. From children's books, motivation, and even books on how to travel. he teaches you to live unapologetically and pushes others to do that. Everyone has the chance to become the best version of themselves.  it’s his purpose to live and expose the readers as well. On the side of writing Afi is a Podcaster on YouTube with 2 million plus views. Just like in life and his literature. The content ranges from a wrestling podcast,  retro gaming, and even a food channel with his two dogs. Never be scared to be you. Find a tribe,  and the motivation to push threw. he says you can leave your life, or your life can make a statement! It's all up to you!

His goal is to build a school abroad to show children trades like business,  real estate, book writing, and art/ sculpting. Win an Oscar or Emmy for his writing and directing Film! He will be a New York Times bestseller In time with Art in galleries and books to motivate thousands of one-day millions. He always says to manifest your dreams and put them into the universe.  Don't keep them a secret.

Motivate people to travel the world and experience new things and people.

Name: Afi
Company Name: Afi kingdom
Country: United States

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