Does The Portable Screen for the Laptop Worth It?

By sambit_ar | Date: 06/03/2323

If you operate remotely or while traveling, being mobile is essential. The most effective way to work isn't via a laptop, which is why portable screens for laptops are useful. They provide you with more screen space to use, which facilitates working while on the go. As the majority of them enable USB-C connectivity, you may simultaneously power it on and display a picture on it. The picture quality isn't as excellent as standard desktop monitors, which means portable monitors are preferable to use as supplementary screens. This is just one drawback.

You can see our recommendation for the best portable screen for a laptop below. We've purchased and tested a lot of monitors. Check out our recommendations for the best USB-C monitors, and the best office monitors.

Best Portable Screen for Laptop

The Mobile Pixels Glance portable screen for laptops is the greatest portable display we've tested. It's a decent option if you want to use it for office work and productivity, but like the majority of portable displays, it won't provide the same picture quality as a desktop monitor.

Mobile Pixels Glance 16" portable monitor

Enjoy a second display and streamline your job. The Mobile Pixels Glance Portable screen for laptops has a 16 "FHD display that will enable you to appreciate vibrant, clear colors. The device stands out for its broad compatibility and provides a useful foldable stand so you can set it anywhere—horizontally or vertically. The speakers that are included are also noteworthy.

High-Quality Images

You may work comfortably while watching movies, editing videos, or editing images using Mobile Pixels. The Mobile Pixels Glance Portable Screen for Laptops has a sizable 16" panel with a 1920x1080 resolution that produces a highly detailed image. Moreover, it ensures vibrant, real hues. Also, it has a refresh rate of 60Hz and a brightness of 250 units. Also, the screen has undergone a special anti-glare treatment to reduce eye strain and enhance working comfort.


Concerning compatibility, don't worry. For both Windows and macOS-powered devices, the Mobile Pixels Glance Portable Screen for Laptops functions flawlessly. Moreover, Plug Play technology eliminates the need for time-consuming configuration or the installation of additional drivers; all you need to do is plug the device into your laptop. Get rid of restrictions and improve the effectiveness of your work!

Foldable and Light-Weight Design

Bring the monitor with you to work, your trip, or the library. The gadget is a small and portable screen for laptops because it only weighs 945g. Moreover, it has a folding stand that can be moved 180 degrees in any direction. This makes it simple to adjust the monitor's horizontal or even vertical positioning! Also, the device folds down to such a small size that you may simply fit it in your backpack or laptop bag.

Additional Amenities

There are two 1-watt speakers on the monitor. This makes it ideal for activities like binge-watching TV shows or listening to music while editing pictures or videos. Together with the connectors, which include HDMI 2.1, DP 1.4, USB-C, and audio output, you also get an OSD menu. Attach your headphones to the monitor to enjoy your favorite music while working!

It features two USB-C ports that each enables Display Port Alt Mode, making connection simple. Moreover, it has a Micro-HDMI input, which is great if your laptop doesn't support USB-C. It also features a touch screen, which is problematic because it doesn't seem responsive and is incompatible with macOS devices, and isn't very helpful. Last but not least, it's a sturdy monitor with a kickstand that can change the screen's angle.


Our suggestions are based on the best Mobile Pixels Glance portable screen for laptop users that are currently on the market, in our opinion. They have been modified to work for the majority of people in each price bracket. Rating is determined by our review, taking into account the cost and customer comments. Here is a list of all of our portable monitor evaluations in case you would want to make your own choice. Be careful not to become bogged down in the particulars. The majority of monitors are sufficient for the majority of users, and the flaws we criticize them for are frequently invisible unless you actively seek them.

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