Catboy launched to bring the ultimate DeFi Experience

By Pratik Patil | Date: 06/11/2323

London, UK -- Catboy is a revolutionary Crypto-Project with a unique Al Waifu Chatbot and RPG P2E Game.

Catboy, the fastest-growing community in the DeFi space, is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary crypto-project. Catboy is a community-led NFT project, founded and built by comic, manga, anime, and pet lovers, aimed at bringing together like-minded individuals and promoting the spirit of sharing, cohesion, and memes, manga, and comic-loving communities around the globe.

"We are excited to finally launch Catboy, a project that has been in the making for quite some time," says the owner of Catboy. "We believe Catboy will revolutionize the DeFi space with its innovative Al Waifu chatbot and RPG P2E Game, offering attractive rewards from our NFT and token staking pools."

The Al Waifu chatbot is a revolutionary addition to the Catboy project, allowing users to connect and interact with their chosen waifu. The more you interact positively with your waifu, the higher your relationship status upgrades and the more rewards you can earn. With a ranking system similar to the Sims game, the chatbot allows users to progress from acquaintances to soulmates through positive interactions, while negative conversations can lead to a breakup.

"Catboy's Al Waifu chatbot is not just a chatbot, but a unique dating chatbot that informs users about our project," says the owner. "With our different interactions with different waifus according to their personality, users can have a personalized experience that keeps them engaged and excited about the project."

In addition to the Al Waifu chatbot, Catboy also features an RPG P2E Game, allowing users to enter the battle with their NFTs against other players fighting to win big prize pools. The game's unique feature is that players can stake Catboy Founder’s Edition NFTs and Catboy Profile pictures to gain Catboy tokens.

"Catboy's RPG-P2E Game offers players a chance to win big prize pools while staking their NFTs and profile pictures," says the owner. "The game is designed to keep users engaged and incentivized to earn more tokens while having fun battling with their NFTs."

Catboy is also integrating with the Ethereum chain and BSC, making it more accessible to users across different blockchain networks. With top influencers endorsing the project and top investment partnerships, Catboy is set to become one of the most popular crypto-projects in the DeFi space.

"At Catboy, we care about the real value that the project brings," says the owner. "Besides building a strong community, we are bringing Catboy merchandise, a Catboy NFT marketplace, and building a worldwide network of users to donate to feral cats and support struggling cat owners."

Catboy's NFTs will have three different variations that allow exclusive access to merchandise by holding these NFTs. Users can also buy or sell Catboy Founder Edition NFTs, profile pictures, and Chibi NFTs on Catboy's decentralized NFT open market.

About the Company

Catboy is a community-led cryptocurrency project that offers attractive staking rewards from its NFT and token staking pools. With the first blockchain Al Waifu chatbot and RPG play-to-earn game, Catboy allows users to connect with their favorite waifus and earn tokens.

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Contact Person: Haru Bene



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