YANY Beauty Opens Applications for Kinship Clean Beauty Alliance, Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry

By Pratik Patil | Date: 18/05/2024

Fayette County, GA -- YANY Beauty, the pioneering indie and Black-owned beauty supply brick-and-mortar in Fayette County, GA, proudly announces the opening of applications for its groundbreaking initiative, the Kinship Clean Beauty Alliance. This innovative alliance is set to redefine industry standards by fostering community, transparency, and inclusivity within the beauty sector.

Founded by Yaminah Childress, YANY Beauty has long been committed to preserving product integrity and fostering genuine connections with its community of customers. Now, with the Kinship Clean Beauty Alliance, YANY Beauty is taking its dedication to the next level, providing a platform for indie brands to thrive and collaborate in a supportive environment.

The Kinship Clean Beauty Alliance is more than just a membership-based beauty co-op; it's a revolutionary concept that empowers indie brands and consumers alike. By championing transparency, inclusivity, and sustainability, the Alliance aims to reshape the beauty industry from the ground up.

"We are thrilled to announce that applications for the Kinship Clean Beauty Alliance are now open," says Yaminah Childress, Founder of YANY Beauty. "This alliance represents a new era of collaboration and community in the beauty industry, and we are excited to welcome indie brands who share our values to join us on this journey."

Indie beauty brands interested in joining the Kinship Clean Beauty Alliance can apply through the YANY Beauty website [insert link]. The application process is open to all indie brands committed to promoting transparency, inclusivity, and sustainability in their products and practices.

As the beauty industry continues to evolve, YANY Beauty remains steadfast in its commitment to driving meaningful change. Through the Kinship Clean Beauty Alliance, YANY Beauty invites indie brands and consumers to actively shape the future of the beauty industry together.

For more information about the Kinship Clean Beauty Alliance and to apply, please visit: https://www.yanybeauty.co/kinship-alliance.

About YANY Beauty:

YANY Beauty is an indie and Black-owned beauty supply brick-and-mortar located in Fayette County, GA. Founded by Yaminah Childress, YANY Beauty is committed to preserving product integrity, fostering genuine connections with customers, and promoting transparency and inclusivity within the beauty industry.


Rivi C.J., Publicist


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