Viddli: Engage. Connect. Earn.

By Jagatjit Sarkar | Date: 25/05/2023

What is Viddli?

UAE,Dubai:- Viddli is a new project on the cryptocurrency market, set to blow up very soon! Prepare for shockwaves through the market and a huge change to everyone's idea of how ​​crypto and social media intersect.

You have never seen anything like this - a whole new world is about to unfold before you.

Viddli is a platform that will make the world a fairer place, where people will be recognized and motivated to contribute to creating value, because they will be rewarded for the value they help to create.

Viddli is a revolutionary app that offers a unique reading/browsing experience, giving users the opportunity to earn through their engagement with a wide range of articles.

Stay up to date with informative guides, breaking news, fascinating articles and more! Immerse yourself in the world of limitless knowledge and endless possibilities with Viddli. The innovative application allows you to earn while you scroll through your newsfeed.

Whether you're an avid reader or a passionate writer, Viddli offers a wide range of topics, ensuring you can explore your interests and earn rewards.

Backed by a tireless team of professionals working towards consistent and sustainable growth, who are all-in on the Viddli value proposition.

Meet the project team

The MTY Token & Viddli App

The Minty Token ($MTY) is the project's limited supply utility token designed to encourage user engagement with the Viddli app.

With a total, hard-capped supply of 250 million tokens, MTY offers liquidity and versatility, and its value is set for sustainable growth thanks to their distribution model for sponsored ad revenue on the Viddli app.

The $MTY Token project, which has already got off to a hugely promising start, is showing good results!

You can buy token via Visa/MasterCard and on Pancakeswap  

The MTY project token plays a critical role in the economic infrastructure of the Viddli community, and underpins the Viddli app. Learn more by checking out the project's collection of educational resources to learn about MTY and its various uses. From video tutorials on platforms like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, to the Viddli app and litepaper!

The project provides comprehensive materials to help you fully understand this exciting utility token with ease.

Viddli prioritizes transparency and fairness in terms of transaction fees and their distribution. When buying or selling MTY, there is a 5% transaction fee that is shared between different initiatives. 2% go towards the ongoing development efforts of the Viddli app, driving further growth, and another 2% provide liquidity for smooth trading. In addition, 1% of the fees collected are distributed to MTY holders as a form of passive income, which encourages long-term ownership and supports the future growth of the platform.

By making transactions with MTY, users actively contribute to the development and prosperity of Viddli.

NFT Glasses by Viddli

Unleash Your Earning Potential With Exclusive NFTs: Viddli Introduces Minty Glasses Collection!

Step into a world of unparalleled exclusivity and skyrocket your earnings with the extraordinary collection of Minty Glasses NFTs. Each pair of glasses in this limited-edition collection offers unique benefits, giving you the opportunity to increase your income like never before.

Indulge in the allure of Alpha Glasses, where style, power and distinction converge. These rare specs mark the start of your extraordinary journey in the coveted Viddli app, instantly doubling your earnings with their mesmerizing aura.

For those who want to truly stand out, Beta Glasses are your ticket to extraordinary achievement. With a sleek military design and advanced features, these amazing goggles can boost your income by five times, ensuring you shine brightly in the NFT space.

But it doesn't stop there. Get ready for the impressive power of the Gamma Glasses, a symbol of courage and ambition. Harness their power and watch your revenue soar to incredible heights, with a staggering 15x increase that will put you far ahead of the competition.

However, if you're after nothing less than the elite, Delta Glasses beckon you. Become a true trendsetter and stand out from the crowd with an unprecedented 60x increase in your income. Delta Glasses are your path to exclusivity, offering an unrivaled opportunity for financial success in the NFT world.

And finally, behold the epitome of rarity and prestige: the Epsilon glasses. These one-of-a-kind goggles are a legend in their own right and are the ultimate dream of every NFT enthusiast. Unlock the power of Epsilon Glasses and rise to king status while enjoying an incredible 100x increase in your income that sets you apart from everyone else.

Get ready for a transformative journey through the NFT realm with the Minty Glasses collection. Appreciate their exclusivity and see firsthand their huge potential to increase your income beyond imagination.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of this extraordinary NFT project that redefines what it means to be truly exceptional.

The main goals of project

We believe in a fairer world where people are rewarded for their contribution to value creation. That's why we created Viddli.

Viddli is a new reading/browsing app that rewards users for reading and writing articles about anything and everything! Stay up to date with guides, news, articles and more!

Viddli pursues a global goal - to create a platform that will reward people for their creativity, and their desire to be a part of positive change in the world.

The project wants to bring its share of justice to this world in this way, through the motivation to read and write articles - we believe that a well-informed society is a better society for everyone.

Join us for the ride!

Representative: Ismail Ramadan

Project: Viddli

Position: CEO


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