Variant Fund invests $500K in Turismo AI to support innovative AI projects and promote the adoption of decentralized tech

By meghana_awhale | Date: 18/03/2323

Turismo AI, a cutting-edge AI and blockchain project, has secured a $500,000 investment from Variant Fund as part of their collaboration to grow networks and ecosystems. Variant Fund is a leading venture capital firm that has invested in some of the most successful blockchain and crypto projects, including Uniswap, Polygon, Aptos, Phantom Wallet, zkSync, and Euler…

This is the second AI project that Variant Fund has invested in, following its investment in Botto, a generative artist governed by the community. With this investment, Variant Fund is demonstrating its commitment to supporting innovative AI projects and paving the way for the adoption of AI and decentralized technology in various industries.

Turismo AI aims to revolutionize the tourism industry by leveraging AI and blockchain to provide travelers with personalized recommendations and enhance their overall travel experience. The project is unique in its approach, which combines decentralized technology with AI to create a platform that is both secure and user-friendly.

The history of Turismo AI ($TURAI) dates back to 2021 when the team started working on the project's core concept. Since then, they have made significant progress, and their project has garnered attention from investors and industry experts alike.

With this investment from Variant Fund, Turismo AI is well-positioned to achieve its ambitious goals and make a significant impact in the tourism industry. The funds will be used to further develop the project, expand the team, and grow their network and ecosystem.

This investment is an exciting development for Turismo AI and the broader blockchain and AI industries. With the support of Variant Fund, Turismo AI is set to transform the tourism industry and pave the way for the adoption of AI and decentralized technology in various industries.

Turismo AI is a successful IDO, raised $380,000 and impressive performance following its listing on Uniswap v3 demonstrates the potential of the project and the strong demand for its tokens. Additionally, the use of the highly secure and efficient Arbitrum blockchain and verified smart contract underscores Turismo AI’s commitment to providing a safe and reliable ecosystem for its users. The $TURAI token price has reportedly doubled from its initial listing, reflecting positive investor sentiment towards Turismo AI's project. This is a great sign for the project's potential and shows the community's confidence in their vision. With its unique combination of AI and blockchain technology, Turismo AI is poised to play a major role in the future of decentralized technology.

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