Top Cryptocurrencies to Watch: Unveiling the Best Investment Opportunities (DTX, TON, ICP)

By Waqas Malik | Date: 24/04/2024

Staying ahead of the curve in the digital asset space is paramount. As 2024 unravels, some cryptocurrencies are poised to make waves in the market. DTX Exchange (DTX), Toncoin (TON), and Internet Computer (ICP) are three players to watch this season.

Could these be the altcoins to buy for maximum gains? Let’s find out.


DTX Token: Fueling FOMO with Anticipated 500% Growth

DTX's recent presale triumph has sparked significant buzz, particularly with its more than $200K raise in Stage 1. This milestone has resounded across the bull market, causing a stir and prompting reflection among new project launches. Widely regarded as the perfect crypto for beginners, DTX has swiftly amassed over 3,000 holders in a matter of days, solidifying its position as a formidable player in the crypto space.

The ongoing presale represents a golden opportunity for investors to join the DTX Exchange (DTX) and contribute to shaping its trajectory. With a presale price of $0.02 in its first stage, DTX is strategically positioned to leverage this market momentum. Having effortlessly surpassed the $200K mark, it's now poised to ascend to $0.075 in Stage 2 and $0.12 by the time the presale wraps up, culminating in a 500% profit.

This attractive proposition has lured investors drawn by the upward trajectory of DTX. Join them by acquiring your DTX tokens now!


TON's Rollercoaster Ride: Can it Recover from the 16.28% Dip?

The Open Network initiative distributed Toncoins (TON) valued at approximately $2.19 million to the most engaged meme coin enthusiasts on DeDust and platforms in the second week of April 2024. 

According to the announcement, eligibility for the airdrop was extended to meme coin traders who actively participated in transactions on these platforms from March 4 to April 10. Additionally, users were required to trade whitelisted meme coins on the network to accumulate points, contributing to a burgeoning reward ecosystem.

Toncoin (TON), in response to this news, shifted from $7.25 to $6.07 within a week, displaying a 16.28% drop. Can TON recover from this downward spiral? According to experts, Toncoin (TON) is poised for a 173.97% uptick by Q4 2024 as they project the price to reach $16.63 by then.

With this kind of volatility, TON may not be the best crypto to invest in, so what about ICP?

Fandomdao Collaboration Sparks 11.41% ICP Ascent

As February 2024 closed, ICP.Hub Korea forged a strategic alliance with Fandomdao, a pioneering SocialFi project, signaling a significant milestone in their collaboration efforts. Fandomdao, positioned as a cutting-edge web3 social platform, sets its sights on captivating the attention of diverse fandoms across established and emerging artists worldwide.

The endorsement from ICP underscores the exceptional user engagement metrics of Fandomdao, underscoring its potential to reshape the landscape of web3 social platforms.

Internet Computer (ICP) responded to this news by shifting from $12.61 to $14.05 by the third week of April, implying an 11.41% surge. Projections indicate that ICP may trade at $38.29 by Q3 2024, marking a 172.53% ascent from $14.05.

Granted, ICP is bullish, which makes it a good buy, but DTX emerges as the winner in this race.

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