The Chosen Season One starring Kian Kavousi, now headed to Disney+ and Hulu

By pareesh | Date: 23/06/2024

By Markos Papadatos

Date: June 22, 2024

The Chosen has achieved a remarkable milestone in TV history that has everyone talking. For the first time, a new take on a historical story set the stage for one of the most loved and anticipated series about the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The first season quickly became a massive attraction with a 9.2 rating and a record-breaking viewership.

From the outset, season one hits the viewers with many emotional knockout sequences and moving scenes, including those featuring a character named Big James (Kian Kavousi). As the son of Salome (Nina Leon) and Zebedee (Nick Shakoour), and brother of John the fisherman (George H. Xanthis), he is one of Jesus' twelve disciples and an integral part of the story. Together with his brother, he is among the first disciples alongside Andrew (Noah James) and Simon Peter (Shahar Isaac) to follow Jesus (Jonathan Roumie).

Based on scriptures and passages from the gospels, James was played by Kian Kavousi, who took on the part and gave him a voice, with insight into a larger personality. A task that requires careful finesse to bring just the right level of authenticity to a biblical figure to make it connect with a modern audience. James the Greater, stands in an interesting logical and emotional relationship with Jesus and the other disciples. Beneath the tough exterior hides a soft, sensitive heart, which he occasionally reveals, giving clues to a wild and passionate disposition.

There is an intensity about Kavousi’s presence that translates onto the screen. He brings the drama, he brings the comedy, and the accent is on point. The actor slips into the skin of James and makes his story his own by using a body and voice that work for him and help him to transform into the role. The extra edge comes from the moments of silence that speak volumes about his character, in which the camera never shies away from, and the special bond he shares with his brother, that has developed into its own side-narrative within the plot.

In light of this, the beauty of the scenes comes from the on-screen chemistry between the actors. Part of it is due to the well-constructed script, as the miracles unfold and the characters grow together on their journey, often leaving the viewers hungry for more, but part is credited to the creator and director Dallas Jenkins and the casting director for selecting the actors not only for their resemblances to their roles but for their acting input. They cast an ensemble that works great off of one another and collectively constructs the central story.

The Chosen is a binge-worthy television series. The opulent visuals and impressive filming locations alone are worth seeing. It is a beautiful period piece and a great-looking production. So far, the series has been home on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but since May 2024, it has found its way to Disney+ and Hulu. 

For more information and updates about Kian Kavousi, head over to IMDb and his Instagram page.

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