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By Pratik Patil | Date: 16/09/2023

Probably you have heard a lot about the dark web, how mysterious it is and how people are using it for both good and bad. With that, you might also have come across the term deep web that people often get confused with.

In this article, I will take you through the major differences and similarities between the dark web and the deep web. However, that is not the end. I will also provide you with 20 best dark web websites links that are absolutely safe to explore.

Deep Web vs. Dark Web: The Major Differences

The deep web encompasses unsearchable content, including emails, social media messages, and private Facebook photos. A subset of this is the dark web, which is notorious for its dark content, including black markets selling drugs, grisly images, and new online accounts. Despite its negative reputation, the dark web offers some great websites, particularly those not found on Google. This article focuses on the best .onion sites that are not found on Google, highlighting the importance of exploring the dark web for its potential dangers.

The 20 Best Dark Web Sites Or Dark Web Links You Must Not Miss Out On

The dark web is filled up till brim with a humongous list of dark web links. Owing to the fact that most dark web links go dead, it is quite difficult to keep up with the active links. Here are the 20 best dark web sites that are completely working fine. But before you proceed, make sure to use a premium VPN to give you additional protection and not directly jump into How to Access the Dark Web. Additionally, make sure to use Tor browser to surf the sites as any other regular browsers would not let you access the deep web links

Ahmia - Anonymous Search Engine

Ahmia aims to be the top search engine for Tor anonymized services, providing valuable statistics, insights, and news about the Tor network and its resilience for anonymity and privacy.

Dark Web Link - Dark Web News

Dark Web Link (DWL) is a great resource for anyone who's got their finger on the pulse of the dark web. It's got the freshest and most up-to-date best onion links for all kinds of dark websites. Plus, you can check out their blogs and tutorials for the best dark web links out there.

ProPublica - Darknet News

ProPublica, a non-profit news organization, launched a dark web version in 2016 to expose power abuses and public trust betrayals. Hannah Dreier won the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing.

Onion Hub - Latest Dark Web News & Dark Web Link Directory

Onion Hub provides verified and anti-phishing links to darknet domains, offering platform information and updates. It's important to check the .onion URLs for best dark web websites and Bitcoin addresses before transactions to avoid scams.


Crypt Design - Darknet Design Services

Crypt Design is the ultimate website for the dark web users that offers a couple of interesting yet useful services for dark web sites such as website design, logo design, website building, banner ads, 2D and 3D Graphics, Dark Web Hosting and Domain Finder.


Hidden Wallet - Dark Web Bitcoin Wallet

Cryptocurrencies gained popularity in the dark web, with Bitcoin transactions providing anonymity. Hidden Wallet is a top choice for dark web Bitcoin wallet use.

Facebook - Social Media Site

Facebook can be accessed through the official Facebook .onion mirror, providing anonymity and circumventing censorship if the platform is blocked in your location.

The Hidden Wiki - Wikipedia On Dark Web

Visit .onion sites by knowing their existence and URL, using directories like The Hidden Wiki. Be cautious of legit, government-censored, or illegal sites.

DuckDuckGo - Anonymous Search Engine

DuckDuckGo is a secure, privacy-oriented private internet search engine, used by Tor browsers, and offers a dark web version for added protection and anonymity.


SecureDrop - Site For Whistleblowers

SecureDrop, a Tor network-hosted platform, allows anonymous sharing of confidential information with journalists, ensuring privacy and confidentiality, with major news outlets setting up their own SecureDrop URLs.

Dread - Darknet Forum

Reddit, a popular forum-meets-news platform, has lost its charm due to controversies, new user influx, and ongoing censorship accusations in recent years. This led to the rise of the Dread forum gaining popularity.

Mail2Tor - Secure Email Service Provider

Email is a secure communication system, with providers gaining access to inbox contents, as seen in Google's automatic inclusion of travel information and diary entries. Mail2Tor is an email provider that allows anonymous email sending and receiving through webmail or email clients, ensuring all messages are encrypted and no IP address is logged.

HayStak - Dark Web Search Engine

Haystak, a dark web search engine, filters out dangerous sites from Tor's default DuckDuckGo search, indexing over 1.5 billion pages without tracking queries or user information.

OnionLinks - Link Lists On Dark Web

OnionLinks is a dark net site alternative to The Hidden Wiki, offering a diverse list of sites, providing a reliable resource for temporary or permanent offline access.

Comic Book Library - Dark Web Library For Readers

The Comic Book Library is a top onion site for comics, offering direct downloads of thousands of comics, from obscure to popular.

Galaxy3 - Social Networking Platform

Galaxy3 is an anonymous social network on the TOR network, popular among privacy-conscious individuals who prefer not to deal with government agencies or ads.

Smartmixer - Bitcoin Mixer

A smartmixer is a tool on the blockchain that allows you to mix your cryptocurrency with other coins. This allows you to hide your transactions, making it harder for anyone to trace them and keeping your identity safe.

ZeroBin - Encrypted Communication Service

ZeroBin is a secure communication service that uses 256-bit AES encryption to provide anonymous, password-protected, and self-destructing messages for private information sharing.

Sci-Hub - Scientific Papers For Researchers

For those who don’t have access to expensive journals, Sci-Hub has millions of available scientific documents. However, the legality of these documents varies from country to country and from region to region, so it is important to research and understand the local laws before using them.

Riseup - Email Service On Tor

Riseup is an email service run by volunteers that provides secure non-logging and cyberattack protection, as well as valuable information on how to improve your information security.

The dark web isn’t scary. In fact, it’s the opposite of scary. There are plenty of dark web links that you can visit for completely legitimate reasons. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the legality of visiting the dark web varies depending on where you live. Therefore, it is important to take the necessary precautions before visiting the dark web.

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