Spring Cleaning on a Budget: Rocky Vuong's Cost-Saving Tactics Unveiled

By Ruchir | Date: 21/03/2024

Spring is in the air, and it’s finally time to throw open your windows and let the fresh air into your home. With the advent of spring, it's time to get started on spring cleaning your home. You don't have to spend a fortune to get your space to look all shining and clean. Rocky Vuong, a professional cleaning expert, has spent years figuring out how to keep things clean effectively and affordably. He shared some of his best hacks and tips below:

Create a plan: 

Start creating a game plan, before you pull on rubber gloves. Take a walk around your space and list the things that you should clean. Create a mental checklist of all the nooks and crannies you have to clean, clutter is the main root of the problem. Cluttered homes feel overwhelming to clean, so start decluttering every room. This will reduce your burden and make you at ease with cleaning. The two approaches that I usually take to declutter my room are:

“One-touch Rule”- When you are handling any item that has been there forever without you using it, ask yourself the question: Do I love it? Do I have the need for it? Have I used this in the last year? If the answer to all these questions is a no, then simply donate the item, or recycle it. 

The “Blitz Method” - You can set a timer for about 15 minutes and focus on a specific area, such as a shelf or drawer. Empty the contents, and if they don't seem relevant put them in a trash bag or a donation box. Repeat this step in every room and see how many items you have no use for and have to give away.  

Multipurpose cleaning solutions:

Pull your rubber gloves because we are all set to scrub the dirt away. It’s time to ditch the aisle filled with expensive specialty cleaners. The secret weapon that can give you a jump start to deep cleaning is Vinegar. The one staple item that we all have in our pantry. White vinegar is a natural deodorizer, degreaser, and disinfectant. You can mix vinegar with equal parts of water in a spray bottle, this is an all-purpose cleaner that you can use on all surfaces except granite and marble.  

Window and Mirror cleaner:

If you have got streaky windows, you can mix two cups of water, with half a cup of vinegar and a quarter of rubbing alcohol (70% concentration). Spray and wipe this using a microfiber cloth to get a streak-free shine.  

Carpet freshener:

For freshening up your carpets simply mix one cup of baking soda with your favorite essential oils, remember to add only a few drops of the essential oil. Sprinkle this mixture on your carpets and let it stay for an hour, now vacuum your carpet. This simple trick will freshen up your rugs. 

Spring cleaning hacks for every room:

Spring cleaning is not a one-day adventure, break your chores into small manageable tasks and spread them out for a period of one or two weeks. Now, let's go through the room-specific hacks that you can use on your spring cleaning marathon:

Bathroom- Remove hard water stains on taps and showerheads using the vinegar and water solution. 

Kitchen- Simply heat up a bowl of water with lemon slices in a microwave, this will lose the grime in the microwave. Now boil a pot of water with vinegar to break down the food particles on your stovetop. 

Living room- Freshen up the upholstery and antique items with a sprinkle of baking soda and a vacuum cleaner attachment. 

Spring cleaning does not mean that you have to drain your wallet. With a little bit of creativity and elbow grease, you can make your place fresh and clean without spending tons of cash. Remember, the aim is to refresh your spaces and channel your spirit. Happy cleaning!

About Rocky Vuong:

Rocky Vuong is a dedicated professional cleaner, organizer, and the visionary founder of Calibre Cleaning Limited, a leading cleaning service that has transformed the way homes and businesses achieve pristine environments. With years of experience in the cleaning industry, Rocky has established himself as an authority on creating organized, efficient, and spotless spaces. His passion for cleanliness and organization drives the success of Calibre Cleaning, making it synonymous with reliability, excellence, and meticulous attention to detail. Rocky's commitment to customer satisfaction and his innovative approach to cleaning solutions have earned him widespread recognition and respect in the cleaning community.

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