Say Goodbye to Filters, Say Hello to Honest Connections with Revolutionary New Game: Ocureel

By Mehboob Meghani | Date: 07/04/2023

Today, society’s expectation of perfection through social media has led many to feel the pressure of having a flawless version of themselves online. But now, a new video sharing game is here that eliminates this pressure and allows users to find genuine connection, without fear of judgment or comparison. Introducing Ocureel – the revolutionary new game that is set to challenge the status quo of social media.

Ocureel is the first-of-its-kind game that encourages users to be seen for who they are and interact honestly. Rather than relying on filters, criticism and even hate, as traditional social media platforms do, Ocureel seeks to create an online community that celebrates authenticity, honesty and positivity. Its mission is simple – connect people in a way that fosters meaningful relationships among its users.

At its core, social media is about connecting with others. But for too long now it’s been dominated by judgment, comparison and hate. David Sanchez, the founder, created Ocureel as a way for people to reclaim their stories and use them as vehicles for positive change in the world.

The revolutionary patent pending game allows players to share their personal stories by answering specific questions prompted by the game. This exciting format encourages vulnerability while also tearing down stereotypes and prejudices. By sharing their stories openly, players also foster a sense of unity that not only helps build empathy but also encourages understanding between different communities.

To learn more about this revolutionary game, visit or download the app now in the Apple™ App Store

Media Contact
Company Name: Ocureel
Contact Person: David Sanchez
City: Denver
State: Colorado
Country: United States

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