MSTR (Monsterra NFT Game) Now Listed on P2PB2B Exchange – Trade and Thrive!

By Jagatjit Sarkar | Date: 24/05/2323

Switzerland -- Monsterra, the groundbreaking NFT game that has taken the gaming world by storm, is delighted to announce the listing of its MSTR token on the esteemed P2PB2B Exchange. This new listing opens up a world of trading opportunities for all passionate traders and dedicated MSTR enthusiasts.

The game has quickly become a sensation in the gaming realm, with over 55,000 app downloads within just one month of its launch. Its popularity is skyrocketing, evidenced by its 400,000+ players, 25,000 daily active users, and 7,000 concurrent peak users, making it one of the most sought-after games globally. With a stellar feedback rating of 99%, Monsterra has captivated gamers worldwide with its immersive gameplay and thrilling features.

The integration of Monsterra on BNBChain, Avalanche, and OKTC further solidifies its position as a top game project on these networks, as recognized by DappRadar. As a testament to its versatility, Monsterra is available on iOS, Android, and the web, providing seamless gaming experiences across multiple platforms.

The launch of MonsWallet, Monsterra's non-custodial wallet, has further amplified its ecosystem. With MonsWallet, players can securely store, send, receive tokens, visualize NFTs and FTs, swap tokens, buy cryptocurrency with fiat, and earn passive income through staking MSTR and MAG tokens. By expanding the listing, Monsterra aims to enhance awareness of the game and MSTR token, offering users and holders a wide range of activities to maximize the value and utilities provided within its comprehensive 9-component ecosystem.

To celebrate the MSTR listing on P2PB2B Exchange, Monsterra has lined up an array of exciting activities. These include airdrops, staking opportunities, a referral game, and an exhilarating trading competition. Participants can look forward to engaging with the vibrant Monsterra community, reaping rewards, and expanding their digital asset portfolio.

"We are thrilled to bring the trading of MSTR tokens to the P2PB2B Exchange," said Tommy Le, Founder of Monsterra NFT Game. "This listing opens up new horizons for traders and dedicated MSTR supporters, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in our dynamic ecosystem. We invite all enthusiasts to join us on this thrilling journey as we continue to redefine the gaming experience."

As Monsterra continues to innovate and expand its global presence, the game's dynamic growth trajectory shows no signs of slowing down. With partnerships with nearly 70 official partners worldwide, a rapidly growing social community of over 150,000 followers, and a range of in-game events and cross-marketing campaigns, Monsterra is poised for even greater success.

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About Monsterra

Monsterra is a revolutionary multi-chain NFT game with a free play & earn mechanism on BNB, Avalanche, and OKX networks.

The game set foot in a fictional world and revolves around farming, property building, and battling other lands with the magical creatures named Mongen. The revolutionary design of Monstera is a combination of free-to-play and free-to-earn models, which allows millions of gaming enthusiasts to enjoy fun and have a high-profit stream with no initial investment.

Play Monsterra | Website | Twitter | Telegram |Facebook | Medium | Youtube | Tiktok

For media inquiries, please contact:

Le Do - Partnership Manager

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