Jenson USA Introduces Innovative Bicycle Shipping Service for Convenient and Affordable Bike and Gear Transportation

By Avneet Singh | Date: 24/04/2024

With a legacy dating back to 1994, Jenson Bike Shipping leverages decades of experience and strong partnerships with carriers to redefine bike shipping standards.  They offer swift, hassle-free, and affordable shipping solutions for bikes and gear, whether locally or nationally.

Riverside, CA -The process of purchasing a new bicycle typically involves selling a previously owned one, which may require shipping the bike to its new owner. Additionally, there are many reasons why someone may need to transport a bicycle or related equipment, such as for travel, gifting, or other situations.

Jenson USA’s new shipping service, Jenson Bike Shipping, comes in response to these situations. According to the company, this service is set to revolutionize the way bicycles and gear are shipped, making it easier and more affordable for customers.

Celebrating nearly three decades in the industry, Jenson USA is a top-tier online and physical retail hub for over 30,000 products related to mountain bikes, road bikes, electric bikes, and more.

In a strategic collaboration, Jenson Bike Shipping and UPS have partnered to provide discounted shipping labels, offering up to 50% off when obtaining a UPS label through Jenson Bike Shipping. This initiative aims to enhance affordability in bike shipping compared to other carriers, potentially benefiting customers.

The company has announced that it has extended its reach beyond bicycles and related gear, and has opened up its discounted shipping services to accommodate virtually any item.

This partnership aims to streamline post-sale logistics, allowing customers to procure discounted shipping labels from Jenson Bike Shipping's platform effortlessly. By merging the convenience of home label printing with the widespread accessibility of UPS drop-off points, the service promises to simplify the shipping process.

"We're thrilled to extend this unique service to the hundreds of thousands of customers who entrust us with their bike and gear purchases annually. In line with our Jenson USA slogan, 'We Keep You Pedaling,' this new service enables us to enhance our overall offering as 'America's Bike Shop,' " Says CEO, Mike Cachat.

"We aim to cater to every possible requirement you may have as a rider. We are committed to making your riding experience not just better but also more affordable and convenient." He concludes.

In a recent development, Jenson Bike Shipping has introduced a policy providing full refunds for unused shipping labels within 30 days of purchase, excluding payment processing fees. This refund policy will provide a safety net for buyers, addressing situations where shipping plans may change.

About Jenson Bike Shipping:

For over a quarter of a century, Jenson USA has been a renowned name, touted as America’s Bike Shop. The company's unwavering commitment to cycling enthusiasts is evident in its expansive product range, exceptional customer service, and industry-leading bike products. Jenson USA now enhances its value proposition with convenient doorstep delivery, reinforcing its status as a trailblazer in the cycling industry.

Contact Information:

Contact: Ryan Pezer

Company: Jenson Bike Shipping



Phone: +1-951-234-7554

Location: Riverside, CA, USA

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