By Pratik Patil | Date: 09/02/2024

CM Club, a beacon of luxury and a renowned entrepreneurs club, proudly presents its latest masterpiece – the Golden Beach Collection. This exclusive ensemble features silk and viscose beach tops, accompanied by luxurious sleep masks for both men and women. Crafted with unparalleled precision and care, each piece showcases the superior quality that CM Club is renowned for, proudly made in the USA with Italian fabric.

Quality Craftsmanship and Design Expertise

The Golden Beach Collection is a testament to the creative brilliance of designers Alexandra Stepanchuk, also known as Ale Stef, and Tetiana Menzheres. Famed for their distinctive styles, these designers infuse each piece in the collection with elegance and innovation, creating a harmonious blend of artistry and craftsmanship.

Proudly Made in the USA with Italian Fabric

At CM Club, a commitment to excellence is ingrained in every creation. The Golden Beach Collection is meticulously crafted in the USA using premium Italian fabric, ensuring that each item meets the highest standards of quality. This dedication to superior craftsmanship sets CM Club apart as a symbol of refined luxury.

Alexandra Stepanchuk (Ale Stef):

In 2014, Alexandra Stef embarked on her fashion journey by establishing her own brand, Ale Stef. Her creative prowess shone through as she showcased her collection at prestigious events such as Moscow Fashion Week, Riga Textile Fashion Week and others. After moving to New York in December 2015, Stef continued to make waves, presenting her Spring/Summer leather collection for the Adrian Alicea brand at New York Fashion Week

Tetiana Menzheres: renowned for her innovative designs and unique aesthetic, Tetiana Menzheres is a force in the fashion world. Her contributions to the Golden Beach Collection reflect a dedication to creating timeless pieces that seamlessly blend comfort with style.

CM Club: Elevating Fashion Experiences for Entrepreneurs

CM Club, not just a brand but an elite social discovery club, stands as a paragon of refined taste, curating exclusive fashion experiences that transcend the ordinary. Explore the Golden Beach Collection as part of CM Club's Rewards Program, where members enjoy exclusive benefits.

Indulge in the Golden Beach Collection. today, available for purchase at the CM Club Shop. Join CM Club, embrace luxury, and be part of an exclusive community that celebrates the art of entrepreneurship. CM Club offers both free and paid memberships to cater to varying preferences.

Photo by Michael Grattaroti   

Model Aleksa Dubrovskaya

Instagram: @Aleksa.Dubrovskaya   



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