Clopr dApp Unveils a Utility-Packed Experience for the NFT Market

By Pratik Patil | Date: 19/09/2023

Zurich, Switzerland -- Clopr is proud to announce that it has officially launched its decentralized application (dApp) on the Ethereum testnet. The move sets the stage prior to the release of its first NFT collection by offering users an immersive experience across three unique environments: the Bar, the Toilet, and the Alembic.

With this release, Clopr has set the stage for a new era of utility and revenue generation within the NFT ecosystem.

Unveiling the Clopr dApp: A Game-Changer in the NFT World

This initial release introduces users to the captivating Bar and Toilet environments, providing a sneak peek into the possibilities that lie ahead. Here, users can explore the world of NFTs, mint Story NFTs, burn existing ones, read captivating narratives, and engage with the community—all within a simulated yet tantalizing virtual space.

"Further away from our NFT mint, our ultimate goal is to keep developing solutions and give them to creators so they can also redefine NFT utility to a whole new level, creating an environment where their experience is consistently improved and enhanced," says Clopr’s founder, who goes by the pseudonym "Potion Master."

During the following weeks, users will see updates to the dApp and will be able to immerse themselves in a unique experience: staking bottles, earning XP, and purchasing potions for their NFT collections. The dynamic addition of the Alembic takes Clopr one step closer to realising its mission: redefining NFT utility and opening new revenue streams.

A Vision Beyond Royalties: Clopr's Mission

Clopr's mission is nothing short of a game-changer in the NFT landscape. It tackles the challenges of utility and revenue head-on, offering an alternative to the traditional royalty-based model. With Clopr, users holding their bottles can craft derivative assets token-based and tightly bound to the original NFTs. This is merely the inception of an ambitious plan to empower artists and businesses with sustainable revenue streams.

The founding of Clopr was motivated by several shortcomings, with Potion Master sharing his vision and mission for the Clopr project.

"The current NFT market faces a critical juncture, and Clopr is poised to lead the way. As the industry giant OpenSea shifts away from enforced royalties, Clopr's innovative approach ensures that artists and companies can explore new avenues of success, untethered from reliance on royalties. By adding Token-bound assets that cannot be sold individually, collections and creators can enhance the experience of the community and add value without diluting the supply of the NFT that serves as access to all the possibilities they can create for it, added "Potion Master."

About Clopr

Clopr is owned and operated by Potion Lab, based in Switzerland. The team has spent the last two years creating their first NFT collection, the Clopr Bottle along with a utility Token-bound product, Story Potion. The combination of these two unique technologies acts as a proof of concept of its technology with the aim of solving utility and revenue streams for other creators and the NFT market as a whole.

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