Bit-Galaxy broker reveals: Long Dormant Ethereum Whale Awakens, Stakes 49K ETH to Boost ETH Price!

By meghana_awhale | Date: 01/02/2323

Bit-Galaxy broker Jason Anderson says that in 2023, the crypto market will be bustling with activity as the world comes to terms with the emergence of decentralised finance (DeFi). One of the most significant developments in space has been the awakening of a long-dormant Ethereum whale, who has just staked a whopping 49,000 ETH to boost the price of the leading altcoin.

The news has sparked a wave of optimism in the Ethereum community, as it signals the potential for a more bullish position in the markets. But who is this mysterious whale, and what is its ultimate goal? Let's take a closer look.

The Mysterious Whale

In late 2023, a mysterious Ethereum whale emerged out of the blue. They had been inactive for two years but suddenly bought up 49,000 ETH.

The whale's identity is still unknown; the only information about this individual is that they are an Ethereum miner. This means that the whale is likely someone with a lot of experience and resources in space, with the technical ability to mine large amounts of Ethereum.

Aside from this, there is no other information about the whale's identity or motives. But one thing is for sure: the whale's activity has been sparking optimism in the markets and could potentially lead to an increase in the price of Ethereum.

The Ethereum ICO whale is back!

The whale staked 48,992 ETH tokens in October, ending six years of dormancy. According to @lookonchain, the whale has sent 32,015 ETH tokens to a new address, potentially indicating they're about to stake the tokens.

When the Ethereum mainnet launched in 2015, the whale had initially received 120,000 ETH tokens in three separate wallets. Should the whale indeed stake the 32,015 tokens, meaning that 67.5% of the whale's original 120,000 ETH tokens will have been staked?

The whale's decision to stake their ETH tokens has sent ripples across the cryptocurrency community. For one, betting on ETH tokens indicates the whale's belief in the long-term viability of Ethereum. This endorsement is a vote of confidence in the cryptocurrency's future and could positively impact prices.

In addition, staking ETH tokens also incentivize the long-term holding of the cryptocurrency rather than short-term speculation. This, in turn, helps to solidify the cryptocurrency's market position since long-term holders are less likely to sell off their tokens.

Ultimately, the whale's decision to stake its ETH tokens could positively impact the value of Ethereum. This strongly indicates the whale's faith in Ethereum's long-term potential and commitment to strengthening the cryptocurrency's market position.

The Ethereum ICO whale has made waves by deciding to stake their tokens. It will be interesting to know how this decision affects the cryptocurrency's market position in the long run. The cryptocurrency's future looks brighter with the whale's renewed commitment to Ethereum.

What Could the Whale's Motive Be?

At this stage, it needs clarification on what the whale's ultimate goal is. Some have speculated that the whale is simply trying to increase their profits by buying low and selling high.

Others believe that the whale is attempting to manipulate the Ethereum market to benefit from a higher price point. There have also been theories that the whale is trying to drive up the price of Ethereum to make more profits when they eventually sell.

As ETH staking gains traction, major financial institutions are likely to become more involved, with analysts referring to ETH as the bond of the crypto universe. This could lead to further appreciation in the price of ETH, creating the potential for significant returns for early adopters of ETH staking. With the current market volatility, staking is becoming an increasingly attractive option for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and reap the rewards of the crypto markets.


The emergence of this mysterious whale has sparked a wave of optimism in the Ethereum community. With the whale staking at 49,000 ETH, the potential for a bullish market position is high. What the whale's ultimate goal is, however, is still unclear. All that is known is that it is likely someone with experience and resources in the space attempting to drive up the price of Ethereum.

Only time will tell what the whale's motive is and whether or not they will be successful in their attempt to boost the price of Ethereum. Until then, the Ethereum community will remain hopeful that their mysterious whale will help lead them to a more bullish market position.

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