Achieving a Corruption-Free Iraq: The Qi Qard Perspective

By Pratik Patil | Date: 20/09/2323

Iraq -- In the realm of technology-driven financial services, Qi Card emerges as a symbol of innovation

and integrity in Iraq. This article explores Qi Card's pivotal role in combating fraud and corruption,its pioneering technology, strategic collaborations, and the visionary leadership of Bahaa Abdul Hadi.

Qi Card: Advancing Transparency Through Technology

Qi Card, under the visionary guidance of Bahaa Abdul Hadi, has redefined Iraq's financial

landscape. At its core, Qi Card deploys cutting-edge biometric verification methods, acting as a

robust shield against identity theft—a prevalent conduit for corrupt activities. This innovative

approach not only safeguards the interests of users but also significantly reduces fraudulent

transactions, making it a potent weapon in the battle against corruption.

The Technological Marvel: Qi Card

Qi Card's technological prowess extends far beyond biometric verification. It offers a

comprehensive suite of digital financial solutions, including:

Aqsati (Buy Now Pay Later): Facilitating merchant-funded loans, Aqsati minimizes cash

transactions vulnerable to corruption.

Fawri (Loan Management System): Enabling instant loans, personal loans, and cash loans with biometric verification, Fawri enhances financial security by eliminating manual processes

susceptible to corruption.

Payroll System: Qi Card's secure and automated payroll system ensures transparent salary

disbursements, reducing the risk of payroll-related corruption.

Tasdeed: A tool for bill and fine collection services, Tasdeed empowers government and private

institutions to collect dues and bills efficiently, eliminating opportunities for corruption.

Acquiring Omni-Channel: Enabling merchants to accept payments through multiple channels,

including POS, QR, and biometric payments, reduces cash-based corruption.

Digital Mobile Banking: With over 4 million active users, Qi Card's digital banking app

promotes secure financial transactions, reducing reliance on cash—a prime target for corrupt


Qi Card's Strategic Partnerships:

Qi Card's commitment to innovation and anti-corruption solutions has garnered recognition and

strategic partnerships. Notably, Qi Card recently inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU)

with Samsung Electronics Middle East. This collaborative effort aims to provide advanced

technological products and solutions to traders, citizens, and agents, all with attractive commercial offers throughout Iraq. The partnership also promises competitive pricing for government employees and Rafidain Bank customers, further fortifying transparency and accessibility in financial services.

Bahaa Abdul Hadi: Championing Anti-Corruption Efforts:

At the helm of Qi Card's success is Bahaa Abdul Hadi, renowned for his visionary goals and

unwavering commitment to ethical business practices. His dedication to fighting corruption in Iraq has been instrumental in driving Qi Card's growth and innovation. Bahaa Abdul Hadi, as a

prominent Iraqi citizen and businessman, has boldly taken a stance against government corruption, even amid unfounded accusations. His resilience and advocacy for justice resonate with those who aspire to a corruption-free Iraq.

Qi Card's Technology - A Catalyst for Corruption Resistance:

In conclusion, Qi Card's pivotal role in the fight against fraud and corruption in Iraq cannot be

overstated. Its cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and strategic partnerships exemplify its commitment to transparency and integrity. Under the visionary leadership of Bahaa Abdul Hadi,Qi Card continues to reshape Iraq's financial sector and bolster the nation's fight against corruption.The future holds promise as Qi Card's technology propels Iraq towards a more transparent and corruption-resistant financial landscape.

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