2023 Shengze Fashion Week Kicks Off

By Gaurav Nagar | Date: 30/05/2023

On May 29th, the 5th China Suzhou Jiangnan Cultural Arts and International Tourism Festival, "Silk Charm of Jiangnan," and the 2023 Shengze Fashion Week unfolded with splendid performances. Gathering industrial resources and innovative fashion elements, it connects Jiangnan culture with the fashionable lifestyle, presenting a classic creative feast for global audiences.

After three consecutive years of precipitation and accumulation, 2023 Shengze Fashion Week, will be held concurrently with the 5th China Suzhou Jiangnan Cultural Arts and International Tourism Festival to empower the fashion industry through culture and help accelerate the development of Wujiang's cultural industry. "Integration" brings out the depth and thickness of Shengze's textile industry, effectively enhancing the city's cultural soft power and external influence in Shengze.

Since the beginning of this year, the silk textile industry has been given great attention from the central government to the local government. Xin Changxing, Secretary of the Communist Party of China Jiangsu Provincial Committee, pointed out during his research in Shengze that "the textile industry will always be a sunrise industry." At the same time, Suzhou has also focused on launching a series of policy “gift packages" to continuously strengthen fashion integration, innovation-driven development, digital empowerment, and green transformation, providing strong support for the revitalization of the real economy.

This year's Fashion Week will continue to focus on the theme of "Silk Charm of the Orient, Fashion Shengze," and integrate the fashion power of "originality, sustainability and technology" to promote the transformation of the silk textile industry from a "manufacturing fabric base" to an innovation-driven technology industry, a green industry driven by responsibility, and a fashion industry led by culture.

Attendees at the opening ceremony included Sun Ruizhe, Chairman of the International Textile Manufacturers Federation and President of the China National Textile and Apparel Council; Cao Xuejun, Senior Inspector of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Han Ping, President of the Jiangsu Textile Industry Association; Sheng Le, Deputy Secretary-General of the Suzhou Municipal People's Government; Yang Fang, Deputy Minister of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and Director of the Municipal Civilization Office; leaders from Wujiang District, Li Ming, Li Bin, Shen Chunrong, Dai Dan, Li Weizhen, Chen Jianzhong, Ji Wei; as well as leaders from Shengze Town, Xu Huilin, Zhang Jianhua, Wu Weihong, Zhao Juguan, and Zhong Yonglin. Vice Chairman of Hengli Group, Fan Hongwei, and Vice Chairman of Shenghong Group, Tang Jinkui, also participated in the opening ceremony.

As one of the highlights of this year's fashion event, three Shengze fashion ambassadors and three fashion virtual experience officers made their debut, expanding the influence of the "Shengze Weaving" brand through immersive online and offline, virtual and real-world interactions. This aims to accelerate the high-quality transformation of the Shengze fashion industry, disseminate Shengze's voice, showcase its development achievements, and enhance its fashion image on a broader platform.

In recent years, Shengze Town has attached great importance to the development of fashion industry supporting facilities, achieving the integration of rural revitalization and fashion development. At the opening ceremony, Shengze Town launched the "Shunhu D·PARK" project, which is based on a picturesque rural countryside and creates an urban space that combines fashion, culture, tourism, and consumption, establishing a new landmark of "Fashion Capital, Beautiful Shengze."

"When it comes to global fabric, the world looks at China, and when it comes to Chinese fabric, the world looks at Shengze." At the opening ceremony, Shengze Town released a hundred fabric brands and regional brands, aiming to maximize the value of the entire textile field by fully exploring the functions, characteristics, and applications of fabric products through the construction of the "Shengze Weaving" regional brand, thereby driving the development of fabric brands.

Since the establishment of the permanent location of the China Fashion Index in Shengze last year, it has become an important path to explore the future sustainable development of the global fashion industry and provide reference for research on the domestic and international fashion industry. At this year's opening ceremony, Shengze Town once again collaborated with the China Fashion Designers Association to release the 2023 China Fashion Index (Industry) Report, providing decision-making support for the development of the domestic and international fashion industry, fashion enterprises, and fashion brands. It also delivers the "Shengze Fashion Voice" to the global fashion community and showcases the "Shengze Fashion Standard."

Ecological protection is of paramount importance for the nation. In recent years, Shengze Town has focused on "ecological priority and green development," coordinating efforts to reduce carbon emissions, pollution, expand green areas, and promote economic growth. At the opening ceremony, the 6th China Ecological and Environmental-Friendly Fabric Design Competition 2023 was officially launched, promoting the comprehensive integration of fabric, ecology, design, and fashion elements. As a textile fabric design professional event that promotes the green and sustainable development of China's textile and clothing industry, Shengze Town, through the platform of the China Ecological and Environmental-Friendly Fabric Design Competition, explores the "dual-carbon" path of the textile industry, injecting new development momentum into the construction of a green, low-carbon, and circular industrial system.

After the opening ceremony, the organizers also held the finals and award ceremony of the Oriental Cup · 2023 China Women's Wear Design Competition, as well as fashion showcases such as Shangjiu Kai × Bian Huizhong, Sangluo × Chen Ke, Hengxin × Zhang Peng (Top Ten), and Fuhua × Liu Wei (Golden Top). By leveraging the strengths of the China Fashion Designers Association, these fashion shows empower fabric innovation from the perspective of creative design, comprehensively showcasing the strength and competitive products of Shengze fabric enterprises, as well as the local enterprises' inheritance and innovation of Jiangnan fashion culture.

In addition, during the four-day activities, the organizers will also bring a total of 18 fashion shows, 2 competitions, 3 summit forums, 3 matchmaking meetings, as well as online exhibitions and static displays. These include events such as the "Weaving Clouds and Embroidering Splendor - Xiaoman Shengze" 2023 Shengze Silk Tourism and Culture Festival, 2023 International Summit on Advanced Functional Fiber Fashion and Sustainability, and the 3rd China Design Summit. Through the synergy of the "show, exhibition, competition, forum, and business" five major sectors, these activities comprehensively shape the symbol of Shengze's fashion culture, showcasing cultural confidence.

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